Kalender i A3 format tryckt på ett 300 grams fineart papper. En ny bild för varje månad. Tillverkad med omsorg  i Sverige. 

Framsidan visar alla månaderna i miniformat och på baksidan finns ett meddelande till Dig från Tove som lyder:

Message to You!

I created this calendar with intentions of sharing my thoughts connected to the changes and transformations due to time. Every new moment is also a totally new opportunity

to create a new kind of energy and movement. It´s really there. The possibility to do so. 

To make a change, whatever you wish for. 

To begin again and take brand new steps, or to continue on a path already chosen. 

I love the fullmoon and the power that it brings into every month. 

They say that everything you think about or wish for under the influence of the 

fullmoon is enhanced several times. 

When there is a fullmoon or a change of month I let go of things no longer needed and make place for new abundance of good things. 

I hope this calendar made with heart and thoughts will be a companion for you 

during the year in any way you wish. 

Thank you for buying our things. We give back to the seas and now so do you! 



p.s En del av vinsten från våra produkter går alltid till en organisation som främjar våra hav. d.s

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