Tove started photographing at the age of four. At the age of seven, she found different ways of expression also in dance, music and theater as well as painting and sculpture. Since then, she has been active in the arts in various ways. She spent a few years as a teacher of analog photography and darkroom technology. The music and the theater have been allowed to continue to play alongside, but in some ways it is often woven into her work. Tove works with her own methods both in the preparatory work and the post-production with her pictures.  


- It's not just about pressing the button, she usually says when she is in the early stages of planning for a photo shoot. It must follow a frequency that feels right and that conveys what I feel or want to communicate.

Some happens before the picture is taken, some during the shooting and much during the actual finishing work in the editing phase.


Tove uses mixed techniques and works a lot based on frequencies and numerological structures.

Collage, mixed media, physical characters, installations, self-composed music and other elements are elements she uses to create the dimensions she experiences and wants to convey.